Friday, January 31, 2020

What the Republicans are Betting on

Alan Dershowitz, speaking as part of Trump's defense team, essentially said that the President can do whatever he wants so long as he believes it it is the interests of the country.  If he believes his own reelection is in those interests, then whatever he does, unless it is strictly speaking illegal, to get himself reelected is not an abuse of power.

He then went on to claim that a president cannot be charged with a crime due to DOJ policy.  So illegal things are not impeachable either.

In other words, what Trump has said, that article two of the constitution means he can do "whatever he wants" is correct, according to Dershowitz.  He is a king.

The GOP agrees.  Lamar Alexander said that he feels the case against Trump is proven to be true, but it does not matter.  It does not "rise to the level" of an impeachable offense.

We all know what he did.  He tried to subvert the election by using a foreign power.  He obstructed justice (the thing that got Nixon in trouble) . The GOP says this is all okay with them.

Aren't they concerned this will cost them in November?  Aren't they worried about backlash from their own constituents?   Aren't they fearful that they will lose the moderate middle?  They don't seem to be.

Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, these people are may things I don't like, but I don't think they are politically stupid.  They believe this will not hurt them.  They believe that we are divided racially, by gender, and by religious differences so much that we will never be able to stop them.  Add to this the placation of instant entertainment and food delivered from your smart phone app, and the GOP thinks the people will just say "ho hum" and binge the next Netflix Original.

They may be right.  They may have successfully gotten the evangelicals to focus on one issue (abortion), the extreme right to focus on another (guns) and the racists to focus on yet another (immigration by brown people) and that those of us who care about other things will simply give up and not bother.

Are they right?  Have we ceded our republic to personal pleasure, wedge issues, and gerrymandering?

Maybe.  I guess we're about to find out.

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