Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Sympton Donald Trump

Something is really wrong.

I am not writing this to criticize Donald Trump the man; there are plenty of people doing that all over the place.  What motivates me is a very strong feeling that something fundamental went wrong in this election.  When things just don't make sense we have to pay attention.

Think back over the entire election.  How completely impossible the Trump campaign seemed.  How every major analyst and poll had him completely shellacked in November.  How the electoral math was essentially an impossibility for him right up until the final days.

The pundits get it wrong, certainly.  But here it was like they were commenting on a completely different reality than we saw on election day.  We have never seen a candidate lose the popular vote by such a wide margin (HRC is up 2 millions as of this writing, and the count is rising) and not only win the electoral collage, but do so by a massive, massive margin.

I don't know if it's rigged or simply broken, but something is seriously wrong here.