Monday, March 25, 2019

The Mueller Report

What a disaster.

The pundits on the left are furiously trying to couch this in terms of "we have not seen the report yet" and "the SDNY has not weighed in" and so forth.

None of this matters. 

It does not matter what the report says, it matters what Trump and his supporters will claim it says, and they will beat the "no collusion" drum constantly.  It will drown out every other piece of information.

It does not matter what the SDNY does, because that won't happen for at least two years, and by then Trump will have been re-elected (in which case he will be safe from prosecution) or not, in which case it won't really matter.

No, what matters is what the Democrats do in their primary process, and whether or not the Green party decides to mount another Quixotic campaign that splits the vote and, just like with Bush/Gore, hands the republicans another win.  If the democrats cannibalize themselves (again) and/or a third party peels off enough votes, then all the GOP has to do is bring out the base.

And the Mueller report gives them everything they need to do that.

A disaster.  Prepare for the second Trump administration.

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