Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Email to Keith Olberman

Subj: Another selling point of Medicare Part E that no one is mentioning... and Keith should

I've been a fan of this idea for a while (since Josh Marshall at talkingpointsmemo mentioned it), but I think many who are promoting this as "Medicare for everyone" are missing a massively powerful selling point that could push the debate and get us over the finish line.

It's this: it could save medicare.

Everyone loves medicare, or has to pretend to (if they are on the right). The only negative with medicare is that it's running out of money. Why?

Basically because it only allows those over 65 to participate. This is actually a bad idea; ask any private insurance company if they'd like to limit their customers only to those most likely to get sick. As an actuarial issue, it's pretty bad business.

By allowing younger people to "buy in" to medicare, we would fund the program via people who, statistically, are less likely to have expensive medical issues.

Save medicare! There's a selling point for ya. Why aren't Pelosi and her caucus promoting this aspect of medicare part e?

I guess because Keith has not mentioned it on Countdown yet. :) I think he should.
Scott L. Bain
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